I have been enjoying photography since the early 1990's. Back then I was in the high school darkroom as much as possible working with black and white films. I was a member of the yearbook photography staff at a small prviate school that I attended in Annapolis, MD.

With the advent of digital technology that has met the standards of film quality, one could immediatly see the results of their work. Darkrooms have been replaced by Photoshop, with all the time that was spent in the darkroom, now behind the computer. I am a fan of a natural image, and don't like numerous effects added to images. While these different effects are representative of the current trend, they will likely be replaced by something else down the road. You will by much happier with a conventional image that will prove to be a timeless piece of your memories.

Questions to ask your photographer:

  • Are you insured? Who pays if you break something in the venue?
  • How long do you keep my photos? Where do you store them?
  • Do you carry backup gear to events?
  • Will you be the one photographing my wedding?
  • What is your photography style?
  • How many weddings do you book?
  • Do you have a backup in the event you are unable to shoot my event?
  • Are you a licensed business?
  • Remember even after the cake is all gone, and the joy has settled from the big day, the only thing you are left with are the pictures to capture your memories. Do you really want to cut costs on a budget photographer that may not capture your memories to your satisfaction?